You’ll know you’re in love with this tasty pairing of fresh fruit and Mini Babybel® cheese when you feel the butterflies in your stomach.


2 servings of Mini Babybel® Original semisoft cheese, unwrapped

12 blueberries

4 pretzel sticks

6 strawberries, cut into slices

6 orange slices

5-10 minutes

Serves 2

Whether they’re in a lunchbox or on a plate after school, these cheesy butterflies are a catch.

To start, place the blueberries in three separate rows of four on a plate to create the butterfly bodies. Break the pretzel sticks into 1-inch pieces, placing two above each row of blueberries to look like the antennae. Next, arrange the strawberries beside two of the blueberry bodies for the front wings. For the third butterfly, place the two Mini Babybel® cheeses on either side of the blueberry body to create its front wings. Finally, place the orange slices below the strawberries and Mini Babybel® cheese for the rear wings.

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