The goodness we wrap our delicious snacks with should match the goodness inside every bite! That’s why we’re committed to doing our best, both inside and out.

Large group of Mini Babybel® snack cheese outside of packaging
Smiling Babybel® worker holding a box of snack cheese

We’re working on compostable packaging and inks that will allow for a home-compostable wrapper ! Learn more about home-composting.

Our red wax helps protect and preserve our cheese.

We use 100% recycled or certified cardboard to ship our product, all of which is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Babybel® Plus+ is offered in a 80% paper content bag to reduce plastic use.

Reduce & Reuse

Across our entire business, we are working to reduce the impact our products and processes
have on the environment.

While we work to provide 100% recyclable or compostable packaging, we’ll introduce an upcycling program soon so our packaging can be reused. Net and all!

No quality cheese will go to waste on our watch! Most of our
leftover cheese gets used for other (delicious) products.

Bel Brands USA partnered with How2Recycle® to help improve
packaging for the US recycling system and offer instructions for
how to recycle our products, as applicable.

No leftovers here! Portions for one can help reduce food waste.