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SUPER-BEL is a leader, a trustworthy superhero who trusts you back. Admit it, as a charismatic, outstanding fighter and a fine strategist, you already are under their spell!


You only have eyes for them. Not surprising: IRRESISTI-BEL is most definitely hypnotizing you. Super observant, sometimes moody, they have insane mentalist power. Don’t look in their eyes too much, or you’ll melt!


BIG-BEL is a force of nature, a wild warrior. Inexhaustible and never compromising, that’s just how BIG-BEL was made. BIG-BEL can turn their hands into boxing gloves at-will. Watch your backs, destruction starts now! 


Don’t let the “normal” appearance fool you: FLEXI-BEL has more than one trick up their sleeve. Brave and tenacious, they can stretch their arms and legs to perform super helpful acrobatics while fighting. Get ready for the twists and turns.


You hadn’t even noticed them sneaking up here! INVISI-BEL is naturally discreet, that’s what gives it strength. It’s an unsung hero that’s always where you least expect it, on top of a genuine martial arts master. Hey, has anyone seen INVISI-BEL? 


What a trustworthy partner in crime! UNSTOPPA-BEL is a go-getter, always ready for action. You can’t be tired around them! Now, let’s go back to the battle?

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